Scammers have stolen my Copyrighted text on numerous pages that they are claiming as their own.

These scammers are NOT Graro. I have no affiliation with them.

Listed below are the scammer websites that I know of.

  • giantmainecoonscats

  • mysticmainecoons

  • classicmainecoonhome

  • greenhomemainecoonkittens

Stay vigilant. Be aware of the websites you are on.

Go to Petscams for information.

Raising Maine Coon Kittens & Cats..... is our life's work.

Please keep in mind Graro Cattery is also our home. Here I raise my four children along with your future babies... Therefore upon pre-approval you will be invited into our home to visit and meet our cats.

Please read our Policies before completing our Adoption Questionnaire. Once your inquiry is reviewed & pre-approved we will contact you within 72 hours to discuss which of our available kittens will be a possible suitable match for your home.

Contact us using the form below if there is anything you don't understand about our policies. 


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